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At Sid and Tumble, we believe feeling good is as important as looking good and that this is as true for your children as it is for yourself. Our little ones are very conscious at an early age about what feels good against their delicate skin and that’s why at Sid and Tumble our ethos is to choose the highest quality, British materials for our innovative and luxurious children’s clothing range. 
You’ll find your favourite patterns and designs within our handpicked selection of tops, leggings and dungarees. Does your little one like the seaside? Try these straight-fit jersey leggings with the whale pattern turn-ups. Or do they prefer hearts and rainbows? Why not have a look at our festive red jersey cotton top with matching leggings and dungarees for when you’re ready to go outdoors. 
Using the best British materials 
When choosing an outfit from Sid and Tumble we want you to know that every item within our luxury children’s clothing range has been handmade with love. We use the finest fabrics with engaging patterns and designs, and everything is made from 100% linen and 100% cotton. We are proud to support British manufacturing and have been awarded the ‘Made in Britain’ registered mark through our commitment to excellence. Sid and Tumble childrenswear is designed, created, stored and distributed in Britain. We are a start-up company and are grateful for the support of many customers choosing Sid and Tumble for everyday luxury clothing for children aged 0-4. 
Versatile clothing for everyday adventures 
Every day is a new adventure, and we know there are lots of places you’ll want to explore together. As busy parents, guardians or grandparents, we’re sure you’ll agree it pays to be ready with an outfit that can change from indoor wear to outdoor wear at a moment’s notice. You’ll find true versatility with Sid and Tumble clothing. With our exquisite mix-and-match sets you can be playing indoors one minute and racing to the park the next minute, and all whilst wearing colour-matched coordinated outfits with an air of sophistication and togetherness. 
The essential feel good factor 
At Sid and Tumble, we want your child to feel good wearing their clothes. We want children to feel confident and comfortable while dressed in outfits that will last through the seasons. Our clothes are vigorously tested by children aged 0-4, and we fulfil our aim of creating excellent, comfortable and fashionable clothing that will “wash well and wear well”. The clean-cut classic tailoring can change the way your child feels about their clothes. With an emphasis on creating the perfect fit, we ensure our unisex clothing is easy to put on, comfortable to wear and easy to take off again. 
We want you to have the best choice for luxury designer clothing for your child and we have an exciting range of tops, leggings and dungarees available in our new online shop. With Christmas just around the corner is there someone you want to surprise with a fabulous Sid and Tumble children’s clothing parcel this year? 
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