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How long does it take to get ready in the morning? What about on the days when nothing seems to go right? The days when you’re in a rush? Do you find your toddler is keen to help, to find their own choice of clothes for the day and do their best to get themselves dressed so you can be on time? 
It’s every parent’s worst nightmare trying to negotiate with a strong willed toddler who refuses, against all efforts and persuasion, to get dressed in time to leave the house. It’s almost as though they instinctively know you’re in a rush. 
It might feel that the more important the appointment you need to keep, the more they wriggle and squiggle, and it becomes impossible to get dressed in any sensible length of time. 
Rest assured this is extremely common and at Sid and Tumble we have some top parenting tips to share to help you get your toddler dressed in minutes without mayhem! 
1. Get yourself ready first. 
This is a top tip to make sure you’re 100% ready for the day. You’ve got your bag packed and your shoes on. All that’s left is to dress your little one,grab your keys and leave the house. By making sure you’re ready first you’re setting the scene and leading by example. You’ll arouse their curiosity and with a little encouragement they’ll want to be ready too. 
2. Stay calm, no matter what happens. 
This is important because toddlers will pick up on any frustration or anxiety. At their age they won’t understand why you need to be ready on time and this can lead to nervousness and lashing out. They will take their cues from you and shouting solves nothing. Practice makes perfect and sometimes you may feel close to the end of your patience. 
3. Offer a small choice of outfits. 
Most toddlers enjoy choosing their own outfits and this can be a big help when getting dressed in the morning. For them, it feels grown-up choosing what to wear, and for you, if they have selected the top, dress, trousers or leggings, they are much more likely to get dressed quickly, especially if there’s a reward on offer. However instead of giving them free reign on their wardrobe maybe select two or three items for them to choose from. This will be less confusing and hopefully speed up their decision. 
4. Make it fun and you’ll both enjoy getting ready for the day. 
There are lots of ways to make getting dressed a fun part of the day. It’s a great time to teach the names for body parts, types of clothing and learning what goes where. There are many rhymes and songs you can find online to make getting dressed an exciting performance. You might find your toddler fully dressed before you finish the song. Try out this fun song
5. If all else fails, try a little reverse psychology. 
One of the most useful games to play with an awkward, argumentative “I’m not wearing that” toddler is the game of reverse psychology. Instead of asking them to keep still to put on a pair of shoes, challenge them. Try saying “you can’t wear those shoes today” or “I don’t think those shoes will fit on your feet”, and they may just want to prove you wrong! 
Our final tip from Sid and Tumble is to relax. If your toddler wants to wear the same jumper three days in a row, it’s not a problem. If they refuse to wear a coat, or go out wearing odd socks, it’s not the end of the world. 
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