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As the seasons change, the days grow shorter and the weather cools. We start to pack away the t-shirts, vest tops and shorts from the summer months. The leaves on the trees glow with fiery colours and the rain falls more often. It’s in the autumn that we start spending more time at home and more time indoors. Our children are busy playing alone or with friends. They might be happily occupied putting pieces together in brightly coloured jigsaws, playing on electronic tablets, or creating stories with dolls and teddies. 
At this time of the year it’s essential to wrap up a little warmer and to have comfortable clothing that will withstand hours of play on carpets, wooden and tiled flooring. Sid and Tumble understands the importance of having the best hard-wearing children’s clothing at this time of year. All of our clothes for boys and girls aged 0 to 5 are specifically designed to “wear well and wash well” meaning they’ll be both comfortable and durable to wear all day long. This is the perfect combination for active babies and children exploring the world around them. 
It’s always exciting having something new to wear, both for us as adults and especially for young and inquisitive children. The joy of discovering a new colour or a new pattern in a child’s eyes will be both exciting and memorable for them. Sid and Tumble clothing ticks every box. Every item is British Made and features exquisite attention to comfort and detail. Every stitch, every button, every accessory is handmade with love. 
Each Sid and Tumble top, pair of leggings and dungarees is made from the finest materials and co-ordinated to mix and match within the range. With floral patterns, zigzags, plain and patterned materials sourced ethically and sustainably, Sid and Tumble clothing is made with exceptional standards and uncompromising quality. Every item of clothing is fresh, cheerful and has the feel-good factor you’ll notice each and every time it’s worn. 
Whether your child is at home, attending nursery or playing at a friend’s house, their outfit can be worn to match the occasion. Each item is made with 100% linen, 100% cotton, cords are lined for comfort and warmth. Outfits are versatile and adaptable, for example changing leggings for dungarees when moving from indoor play to an outdoor adventure. 
Take a look at the brand new Sid and Tumble Autumn Collection. You’ll be able to discover how our matching, eye-catching, luxurious children’s clothing (with all items handmade in Britain) offers great value for money as well as provides lasting comfort and durability for boys and girls aged 0-5. 
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